Solem Bakery Machines is one of the leading production companies in bakery machine sector.

Our company, which makes production in European standards, has gained trust of the customers not only in the production and sales stage but also in the after-sales service.

Today, Solem serves in bakery, pastry and baked goods, restaurant chains, cafes, hotels and catering areas.

As a manufacturer, Solem renews itself constantly by adopting the principles of quality service, quality products and absolute customer satisfaction and has never made concessions on its quality with its equipment and has always managed to keep its quality at a high level.

Solem has established corporate values as a company while moving forward with firm steps towards the future. It provides service to its country, sector and young entrepreneurs with its disciplined work, trustworthiness, uncompromising quality, being competitive, pursuing continuous improvement and motivation as a result of all these.